Julie Semock


A guide to a happy healing piercing

Body Piercing Aftercare

Always start by washing hands then check the security of the jewelry ends. After ensuring jewelry is secure, gently rinse the area with sterile saline or warm shower water to remove any physical debris that may and can build up around the piercing channel. After freeing the area of physical debris, gently pat to dry the area with a clean paper towel. Some piercings may require an extra drying step to ensure all water is removed, if needed use a hair dryer on a low cool setting to gently dry. Your body piercer will let you know if this last step will be needed. Repeat this process twice daily for the recommended time frame from your body piercer. Resist the urge to touch and play with the jewelry, as we want to minimize the amount of movement during the healing process and keep the area clean. Some piercings require a downsize of initial jewelry to continue the healing process, which your piercer will you inform you if you need a follow up appointment.  Refrain from swimming or submerging in water for the first 6-8 weeks of healing, ideally refraining from long submerging of the piercing for the entire healing process.



Oral Piercing Aftercare

Start by washing hands, then check the security of the jewelry ends. Rinse mouth with alcohol free mouth wash for 30-60 seconds 2 times daily. For tongue piercings, twice daily, gently clean the tongue with toothbrush around the piercing site. Purchasing a new toothbrush after receiving a new oral piercing is always recommended. Rinse well with cool clean water after eating or drinking. For lip and cheek piercings, cleaning the outside of the tissue is also necessary. Rinse the area with sterile saline to remove any physical debris . Resist the urge to touch and play with jewelry. Oral piercings will require a downsize of the initial jewelry, your body piercer will recommend the best time frame for you to come in for a follow up appointment. It is also recommended to stop use of any whitening products.  Drinking cool water will help with initial swelling.


Important Information

Always wash hands prior to cleaning any new body piercing. Be aware that all surfaces have bacteria on them, especially cell phones, so new body piercings should only be touched when being cared for with clean hands. It is your responsibility to take these appropriate measures to ensure your new piercing heals.  If there are any questions, always contact your piercer.